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Wenzhou Shenhai Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1988 and has been developed into a modern enterprise by in tegrating the new products development, the whole and parts manufacturing, the quality control and the after-sale service. The company now has a wide product range,Industrial Sewing Machine Sewing Closer etc; including 5 series of 20 varieties (Industrial Sewing Machine) with annual output of 50,000 units. The products (Industrial Sewing Machine) have advantages on the stable performance and the favorable price.
Industrial Sewing Machine
GN20-2C Industrial Sewing Machine
Gn20-2C.Industrial Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing various size carpets...
Industrial Sewing Machine-2
GN20-3A Industrial Sewing Machine -3
Gn20-3A Carpet overlock sewing machine(three lines) adopts three-line sewing with fair and firm lines, streng then the fuction of tuning, suitable for various carpets sewing use.,......
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